November 15, 2011

Natalie's first purchase

Natalie has been saving up her coins.  The kids get paid for doing various jobs.  At this point it's all voluntary work. Usually when they find something they want they start looking for jobs.  Natalie found a camera at Costco so it was time to take the coins to the bank to get some cash (you're welcome to the checker at Costco!)

Putting her cash into her purse.  They used to be a bit more savvy in their money accumulation... asking my parents to empty their pockets each day.  For some reason that behavior has stopped, the piggy banks are growing slower and I'm sure my parents are feeling wealthy.

Heading into Costco.  She is SO proud, SO excited to be a big girl with her own money.

Such a big girl, making her very first purchase, and even getting change back for some fun in the future.

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