December 4, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

I can't imagine having a fake Christmas tree. We go to the same lot each year and search for the no-so-perfect but we're-gonna-love-it tree. I look forward to the years when the kids really care what the tree looks like, and we have the time to loiter and look until we find the right one to bring home. For now our criteria have more to do with the right height, fairly good looking in symetry and close to the car. A couple of years ago we made the mistake of not thinking about how far we were from the car. As the tree fell so did darkness. At that moment Trever and I realized that we had a 2 year old, a 9 month old, a dog and tree to carry (well, we didn't really have to carry Nathan or the dog). Poor Natalie got held in the nook of my elbow as I balanced the tree in the other hand. Maybe she enjoyed flying through the field of trees??? This year I was hugely pregnant. At least we learn from our previous mistakes and make it easier on ourselves. And we will always have the fond memories of the moments that helped to teach us a lesson.
Our new tradition of letting one of the kids put the star on the tree.
Two darling Santa's getting ready to "shake your booty" with the snowman.
Are the holidays ever really complete without the homemade goodies?

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