November 29, 2010

Bring on the snow!!!

I'm kind of sad that I'm writing this post with the knowledge that we didn't end up with a ton of snow days this year. We started the winter with the belief that it was going to be a cold year, which translated in my mind to a year filled with snow! Well, it was a cold year, we stayed below freezing a lot for the NW. Unfortunately that didn't translate into a lot of snow days. However, when it was here we made the most of it! And we can always dream of years in the future that will be filled with sledding, rosey cheeks and lots of hot cocoa.

The first snowman of the year!

A visit from our good friends who live in Texas... our friends who live in Texas and got more snow that we did this year!

We're lovin' the tradition that was started years ago by our neighbors... you get to sled down the street for just over a quarter mile, and then get towed back up to the top by a car or a tractor. What a treat, to sled down the hill and then back up!
The loves of my life... I think this picture speaks to a quiet moment filled by joy and adventure.

She's a big girl... wanting to do the things her brother does. And she can, she can keep up in so many ways. And when a moment comes that Natalie can't keep up, my heart wells with joy as Nathan stops to help her. He's an amazing big brother.

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