November 17, 2010

Nathan's first leader day

We had so much fun going to school with Nathan on his special leader day. He's had 2 months to watch other kids be the leader so he was very prepared for the excitement of feeling special. I loved being able to participate and watch what he is learning at school. Of course I'm thrilled that Westwood incorporates the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as prayer. Although we teach about God at home, it's been so nice for those values to be reinforced at Preschool.
It was interesting to see what he picked for show and tell. I have no idea how he made his decision, but he was thrilled to bring this large silver car. He even remembered that it came from my Uncle Tony. I like those moments when we get a glimpse into what Nathan remembers.
Natalie was SO excited that Nathan had invited her to school as well. She had a blast being a big girl for the day. And one of my favorite things about Nathan's school is that Logan Prigg and Luke Houk are his classmates. They are all such sweet, polite boys. During circle time the teacher has to manage a few of the boys... but not ours. I feel so blessed that they all get along well as playmates.

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