June 5, 2012

Sweet moments from today...

Natalie in the car with Andrew, on our way to get Nathan from school (completely out of the blue):
"I don't need a baby, I'll have Abigail".
Me: "Do you mean you don't need Andrew because you'll have Abigail as a baby?"
"Ya.  I'm gonna have Abigail for a baby.  For a little bit."
"Natalie, do you realize that Andrew isn't really a baby anymore, he's becoming a kid"
"No, he's still a baby."
"When will he be a kid?"
"When he's 2."


Tonight I put Andrew to bed at 5:30pm.  I wasn't sure if it was a nap or the start to his nighttime.  He woke at 8:30pm crying.  I went up with a bottle, checked his diaper and then just cuddled him.  He wanted to play, but he was also rubbing his eyes.  He reached out and grabbed a teddy bear and started talking quietly to him.  Just  smiling and giving some baby talk.  When I went to put him into bed I started to take the bear away, he grabbed him and curled his arm tight around him.  Too cute, he is currently laying in bed with the bear tucked into his arm, his nigh-nigh in his other hand (sure to go into his mouth so he can chew on it to go to sleep) and another favorite blankie laying on top of him.

He is our first little one to have these comfort measures.  He's definitely the first to actually care about a stuffed animal... I wonder if he'll show that desire again or it if was just from being tired and awake.  He's so darling.

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