January 18, 2012

More SNOW!!!

Oh, my, gosh.  It just gets better and better.  Who needs to go to school anyways??  

I think if Natalie was sitting back with Nathan we might not see her.  Nathan said "I can't do snow angels in this snow, I would disappear!" So true.  But that is a great problem to have.

26" is super impressive for us.  Love it, love it, love it!!!

The kids even think shoveling snow is fun.  I wonder if they will feel that way in 10 years?  There is so much snow I actually threw on our snow shoes and tromped around. The only downside... we live in the country and snow plows don't come up here much if at all.  We love that for sledding, but it isn't easy on some of the neighbors for getting groceries. But we did have a Grader come up and that helped out.

I would LOVE to have this kind of snow every year.  I love all of the wet hats, gloves and boots.  I love that we have heated concrete floors so I can just tell the kids to take their clothes off and leave them on the floor.  

I love that the snow makes a perfect excuse to come in and drink hot cocoa in front of a beautiful fire.

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