January 26, 2012

Andrews 1st Birthday

 Andrew got a very special 1st Birthday.  None of the other kids will be able to tell the same story.  

We didn't have power for a week.  (we had a generator but no water, it was a fun adventure).

We were lucky enough to have Gaggy and Papo, Mr. Bud and Grammy Carol with us for the week.  Unfortunately the snow kept Nana and Papa from being able to join us.  We missed having them here for the celebration.

Normally we have a house full of family and friends for the kids birthdays.  This time we had a quiet night, with a homemade cake and different fun memories.

Natalie helping to make the frosting for her little brother's cake.

We thought Andrew would dive into the cake.  I definitely thought he wouldn't be too shy, I was wrong.

Happy Birthday to our oh so sweet little boy!!!

Finally taking a bite.  Yummy.

Opening presents.  No worries, the big kids will help.

Riding his new Thomas the Train bike.  So cute!!

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