December 11, 2011

Visiting Santa at Alderbrook

A Christmas highlight for (me) our family is visiting Santa at Alderbrook.  The lobby is so beautiful, and so relaxing.  We have run into very few other families (somehow we miss the rush each year).

The kids get to write letters to Santa and put them in the VERY large mailbox.  And then we get a letter from Santa sent home soon after.

And there is always a big Christmas train among the many other decorations.

And a relaxed, happy Santa.  Which makes for happy children.

Andrew was super curious about all that white hair. :)

This sleigh is from the late 1800's.  I love to imagine what it was like being pulled around by a horse.  Out visiting neighbors for a festive occasion.

What's better than a peace sign?? A love sign. :)  Not sure when or where Nathan learned that, but it's a keeper.

It's hard for us to see such a great rocking horse and not think "hey, we could/should make one of those".

Natalie doing a little dance on her "stage".  A big thanks to Trever for letting the kids dance on the furniture, such a Dad Move!

This was our first year spending the night at Alderbrook with the kids (we usually leave them at home). The day was spent at the pool, the evening watching a movie in front of the fire.  I love knowing that this will be a tradition that will continue, and it will create such a beautiful lasting memory for us and the kids.

PS. We still stayed a night without the kids.  A huge thank you to my loving parents for insuring we have time together as a couple.

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