December 25, 2011

Christmas :)

Santa brought some great gifts this year.  Nathan got his much desired Polar Express train.  He's wanted that since last Christmas when Uncle Mikey gave the kids the book and movie.

Natalie got a big play house.  It's an outdoor playhouse but I think someone forgot to tell her Daddy that... it's currently found a cozy home in our living room. ;)

Andrew got a jack in the box... I'm sure he was beyond thrilled.  He would have told us all about it if he could talk... Lucky for him the kids were willing to help him open all of his presents this year.

Our three beautiful children.  We are so blessed.  They each fill our lives with so much joy, so much love.  We can't wait to see what baby #4 will bring to the mix.  S/he will surely be surrounded by lots of love.

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