October 10, 2010

The most beautiful wedding...

Clearly I'm a bit partial to my own wedding... but this one was defintiely beautiful. The rain stopped, the venue was beautiful, the atmosphere in the tent was intimate (can that usually be said with 200 people?), and the vows were full of love!

Natalie getting ready with the girls. She is so awesome!!! She LOVES to get pretty, the nails, the hair, the shoes, the makeup!! (all you have to tell her to convince her is that "it's pretty")... and she LOVES to play with cars, trains, puddles, etc. She's had brief moments with babies, but they definitely don't keep her interest, and stuffed animals??? what are those for??? I'll have to remember to do a post about the 1 stuffed animal she likes... it's a WSU Cougar!! (and I had nothing to do with that! she didn't even find it at our house)
A Daddy's girl through and through... couldn't be happier for her and her Daddy!
Nathan getting his grove on with one of the bridesmaids ;)

Such a fun family day! Nathan was so proud to be dressed up for the occaision, I was so thankful for the automatic cleaning fee... really a 4 year old in a Tux? Yep, it had grass stains by the end of pictures :)

Cutting the cake... a moment our kids had waited for all day long!

As a last note, if anyone needs inspiration to plan a wedding quickly... take it from Mike and Amy... 6 weeks!

designer wedding dress... check

bridal party all decked out (matching dress, shoes, shall, jewlery, tuxes, class A uniforms) check

beautiful cake, flowers, music (string instruments for the ceremony, band for the reception) check

yummy catering (from Salty's whom I hear don't do much catering) check

invitations/programs ... check

awesome photographer? check

REALLY???? 6 weeks??? The best part.... they were still smiling and having a great time at the wedding. Amazing!!! The love was palpable, everyone could feel it. So wonderful!

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