October 23, 2010

The kids Halloween party

We started a new tradition of a kids Halloween party. SO MUCH FUN! I loved it this year, and can't wait to see it evolve as the kids get older... a walk through the woods with a haunted house???
Beth with her darling little monkey!

This is not an event for the faint of heart... 12 kids along with their parents:) I LOVE THE CRAZINESS!!! These are the memories I hope our kids will cherish as they grow together.

The gaggle of kids: The Turcottes (Ryder, Charlie and Ryann), The Duerrs (Sam, Logan and Anna), The Spencers (Zach and Noah), The Houks (Zach and Luke) and our kids (Nathan and Natalie)... next year we'll have two new babies! and hopefully the other girls can make it with their kiddos!

Playing pin the stem on the pumpkin. Trever did some great work, don't you love the masks?

Natalie getting ready to take a hit

Logan Prigg :)
Okay, we probably need to work on some baseball practice :)
Charlie girl broke it open... she might be little but she's strong
Two little Monkeys (Ryann Turcotte and Noah Spencer)
Storybook time, thanks Jen for the great idea!!
The Houks stayed and carved pumpkins with us.

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