February 1, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend

I can't remember the last time we enjoyed a weekend packed with activities. I have to be honest, at first I was hesitant to be driving around, "dragging the kids through the mud" of social activities. Simply spending so much time in the car. I am so thankful my mind did not win out.

We started the weekend planning to visit Nana and Papa (Trever's parents) at Great Grammy Ella's house. Unfortunately that didn't work out due to some schedule changes and Friday night traffic. We're sad we missed out on that visit but look forward to enjoying it in the future.

Instead the kids and I headed straight over to the Spencer's house, our good friends up in Buckley. The kids all play together so well. And after a few hours of playing the house gets quiet and I get to enjoy some adult time. Ah, how sweet it is. The visit was short and sweet, then we were off for some more fun.

We went to the fire station to visit Daddy! A rare delight for the kids. The kids got to explore all the fire trucks and aid cars. Trever even took advantage of the opportunity to drive us around in the newest fire truck. Nathan got to sit up front with Trever, such a big boy, he was so excited to ring the bell.

(someone should remember to clean those faces before pictures!!)

After leaving the fire station we headed down to Puyallup where Nathan got to spend the night with Papo at the Sportsman show. They called hourly to tell me about the wonderful adventures they were having. That is one of my favorite things about my dad, he calls all the time to tell me what is happening and how much he loves the kids. I feel connected and fulfilled by his love for both Nathan and Natalie. Nathan got to see fish, bear, cougar, deer and elk.

Oh the stories. He saw an elk hanging up and asked what they were doing, tactfully my dad replied "they are taking the hide off".
Nathan looked over and saw some meat and said "what's that?"
my dad said, "it's pepperoni".
Nathan "is it from that elk?"
Dad: "yep"
Nathan "I think i'd like to try some of that Papo. Oh Papo, I like that elk"
I'm sure I didn't get the whole conversation correct, but that's pretty close.
Nathan also enjoyed getting into boats, and handing out candy to guests. He felt very proud as people praised his good manners and behavior... what a dream to hear those things when the kids are away from us!
Trever was able to spend a few hours at the show on Sunday morning. He definitely enjoyed the bonding time with his boy.

A highlight of the trip was catching some trout! I think Nathan came home with 7 trout! We praised him for providing for the family and enjoyed a wonderful trout dinner.
Natalie getting ready for some Trout with lemon.

While Nathan was away with Papo, Natalie and I got to enjoy a girls night. We had fun, cuddling and reading books. She is such a sweetheart, I really look forward to the days when we get to share more "girl time" together (ie painting nails, etc..)

As if we needed more excitement... the weekend ended with a wonderful family dinner. We enjoyed time with my parents and Mike and Amy. We're so thankful for the time that we get to spend getting to know Amy.

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