February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

We enjoyed some much needed fun and relaxation at the Houks' house on Super Bowl Sunday. They host a great party, including activities for the kids. We loved watching the little ones go after the pinata.

I'm pretty sure that Luke should be grouped with the older kids... what an arm!!!

Nathan had a great time (Natalie definitely did not want to participate). However, it also showed me that we might want to get a t-ball set for this summer ;)

A lollipop and a ball!??? Who could want for more??

Mike and his beautiful/wonderful girlfriend, Amy. We've really appreciated all the effort they have made to come down to Olympia. Even more than that we have enjoyed getting to know Amy and seeing how incredibly happy she and Mike are together.

Who could resist a kiss from that sticky face?

Ending the night kicked back watching some kid tv.

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