November 11, 2008

Getting started...

I'm finally starting a blog. Our life as a family is so wonderful, hopefully I can catch some of the special moments and get them on "paper".
Nathan is growing and learning every day. Trever and I are constantly amazed at the thoughts that come out of his mouth. He is "Mommy's darling, Daddy's little man or Daddy's little buddy, Papo's buckaroo, and Gagi's love bug". Sometimes I make the mistake of saying that he is my love bug and he quickly corrects me "No, Gagi's love bug, Mommy's darling". This boy loves to follow the rules.
Natalie is almost 8 months old. I can't believe it! She has such a fun personality. Very social and very expressive. She doesn't leave much question about how she's feeling. And she "talks" a lot, definitely a girl! She wants to stand up all the time, we have to trick her to sit her on the floor. We are so blessed with her snuggles and laughter.
The last couple of years have brought more joy than I ever imagined. It's been so fun getting to know each of our kids. And my heart explodes with love watching Trever as a dad. He's amazing... he excells at husband, father, and friend! I am so in love with my husband and our growing family!

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