April 26, 2012

New kittens

My dad was doing some work today and found some kittens in a pile of manure.  There mom was dead.  He was heart broken for the kittens so he took them to the vet and then brought them by our house.  

What a sweet man!  
But wait!!! 
He left without the kittens.  What??? We are getting kittens?

The kids are loving the kittens, who have been given names already: Nathan and Natalie.  So original.  I guess they like their names enough to give them to the kittens.

So now we are going to learn to feed these little darlings (they are 3 weeks old from the vets estimate), help them pee and poop (seriously?), and give them daily baths.  But really, there isn't much cuter than a baby kitten.  So we're excited.

UPDATE:  Those little kittens are much bigger now.  And they live outside at my parents house.  They are by far the friendliest cats I have ever been around.  They let all of the kids pick them up, even Andrew who picks them up by a foot, the neck, etc.  When he puts them back down they just purr and curl around his legs.  They follow us around and often times follow my parents or the kids back to our house.  My mom has nicknamed them Butterball 1 and Butterball 2.  Fitting names as they are fluffy, darling cats.

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