July 26, 2011

Our new patio

Okay, to address the obvious (that will hopefully become less obvious in the future). I've totally failed at blogging. The truth, and this is lazy on my part, is that when we got our new computer I lost my beloved photo program (I'm not even sure what I had before). So suddenly compressing pictures got more difficult, and uploading the full resolution picture just takes SO long. So, we've found a new program and I'm hoping it encourages me to update our blog more often. Here's hoping!
This weekend Trever's Dad brought his beloved Harley Davidson back to us!! (I'll post on that later). And since he was here, we thought it was a great time to tackle a big project.
The "before". Trever starting to clear out the space for the new patio. (And yes Dad, we do love using your tractor!!)
Andrew is more intersted in the grass than the project at hand. The border is finally installed... and by finally I mean FINALLY. My husband is *amazing*, and I am SO thankful for his dedication to perfection and hard work. However, he wore his dad and me out. We were nervous to do any work with him absent. And the work that we did??? Yeah, we had to remove it and do it again. If you know my Father-in-law you would be even more impressed by these statements. The man is definitely a perfectionist up to the highest standards!
Natalie helping to pound in the last brick. Did you know that when you cut a square brick into two triangles you can use BOTH of them for the finished product??? :) You had to be there.
Nathan loves the job of sweeping the sand. He had eagerly awaited this stage during the two days it took to build the patio.
Ahhh... the finished product. And what better way to enjoy all the hard work than a fireside sing along.
A huge thanks to both our Dad's for their contributions. We are so blessed to have your support, your skills and your tools.

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