June 10, 2011

Our beautiful tree

This was my favorite tree when we cleared the land to build our house. Thus, it stayed. Many people encouraged us to cut it down. Their reasons seemed to revolve around the maintenance that it would cause. We're not afraid of work, and we loved this old beauty, so we resisted.
It did distract from the view of our house when you drove up. And as we planned to landscape our front yard we realized it would be better to remove it now than in a few years (an arborist said we had 5 years or so before she would need to be removed).
I need to go take a picture from the back of the house so I can compare the difference.
I was SO sad on the day we were actually cutting her down ... very truly emotionally sad. It just felt a bit wrong to cut down such an old and beautiful tree (and maybe I'm still a bit postpartum)
If it can be said, the fall was both awesome and graceful.

Definitely opens up the front of the house. And once the tree was down we were able to see that about 40% was rotting. I felt a whole lot better knowing that.

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