May 30, 2009

"Family Day" at McLane Nature Trail

"Family Days" are very treasured for us. (As of course they always should be). Since Trever is busy building our house on his off days we don't get a ton of time with just the four of us. This weekend we were so blessed by beautiful weather and Daddy being home. WONDERFUL. We spent time down at the fountain (Natalie couldn't get enough... Nathan wouldn't get close). We spent a morning at the McLane Nature Trail, it was blessed time together. And we even spent some really great time just being at home.

No one could have prepared me for the love that our children bring into my life.

Natalie loves the water. She is becoming so adventurous and fun!

Nathan is teaching Natalie how to throw rocks... we have to help him to remember not to throw them "over" her. ;)

Typical, Natalie running after Nathan. There is nothing better than playing in nature with the kids. They get to explore and discover so many things!

Daddy and his wonderful kids. They are so happy when he's around. He is such a wonderful and special Daddy!

Still riding! He rides his "blue bikey" every day. Sometimes I tell him that we need to get in the car and he runs for the bike so he can ride it over to the car.

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Riccobenes... said...

FAmily days are the best! Looks like you had tons of fun. Love you!!!